GARY BENDER CEO/Founder of Carneros Bay

Carneros Bay is a unique blend of advisor, incubator, accelerator, investor, partner for incumbent Financial Institutions, and emerging Fintech companies. As of May 2020, Carneros has partnerships with over 20 fintech companies and banks/financial services companies. Some of the larger customers/clients include Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Square, TD Bank, and BBVA.  Prior to Carneros, Gary was SVP and Head of Intellectual Property and Industry Partnerships at Visa, Inc. Gary led the development of their Innovation and IP program, built a global team and guided the development of one of the most powerful technology portfolios in financial services Gary’s background and experience come from 15 years of management consulting at firms such as Andersen and Ernst & Young, where he became the Practice Leader in North America and Europe for IP and Partnership services. Gary’s top skill and passion are relationships /partnerships, driven by his interest in working with great people who are involved in bringing innovative and timely products and solutions to the financial services/fintech space.